Commençant par Dieu

Le Kit de démarrage spirituel

“The Spiritual Starter Kit” is a free 7-part email series covering the most essential and foundational concepts of what it means to walk with Christ.

Here’s what’s you’ll receive in “The Spiritual Starter Kit:”

  • How to be sure that Jesus Christ entered your life.
  • What God did to draw you to himself.
  • What’s different about God’s love and why that matters.
  • Why your relationship with God is secured by him, not you.
  • What it means to trust God.
  • What if you sin? Does God still forgive you?
  • How to find a church, other Christians, or a Christian group on your campus.

Each email letter will help you understand something very important about your relationship with God.

You can discontinue this series anytime. Just unsubscribe at the bottom of any email. We do not sell or share your email address with anyone. Ever.

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