Ressources pour les curieux spirituellement

Some resources for further reflection.

Jesus: God or Just a Good Man?

Jesus made many claims about Himself while on Earth. Let us examine the evidence surrounding them.

How One Atheist Found God

Read how one man journeyed to answer three hounding questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?  

Why does God allow bad things to happen?

Is God really someone we can trust at all?...In times of crisis as well as times of calm?

Comment une personne sensée ne croit pas en Dieu ?

Just once wouldn’t you love for someone to simply show you the evidence for God’s existence? No arm-twisting? No statements of, “You just have to believe”?

Well, this article series offers six straight-forward reasons to believe God exists.

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Série de Courriel : Le Pack aventure spirituelle

When I was an atheist, there was nothing more mysterious to me than this: “Having faith in God.”

I wondered, how does a rational person even begin to believe in God?

Maybe you’ve wondered the same. I discovered a few compelling answers I’ll share in this 7-part email series. You may unsubscribe at any time.

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App gratuite : Tous les étudiants

The Every Student app conveniently helps you answer real questions about life and faith, including topics such as:

  • God’s Existence
  • How to Know God
  • Life’s Questions
  • Sex/Relationships
  • Spirituality?
  • Q&A’s, videos and more
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Explorer des Questions au sujet de Dieu & christianisme

Answer questions like, Who is Jesus? What is a Christian? What do they believe? What about all the suffering and evil in the world?  

You'll also hear the stories of others who came to believe in Christ — from atheists, people of other religions and people just like you.

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